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What is Casebook@Leeds?

Casebook@Leeds, is a searchable catalogue of case studies. Its main purpose is to capture and make publicly available the wide range of teaching, learning, assessment, digital practice and research development activities that take place across the University of Leeds.

What is the purpose of Casebook@Leeds?

The resource has three key objectives:

  1. to facilitate networking
  2. to disseminate and share approaches
  3. to provide current examples of practice at Leeds.

The history and development of Casebook@Leeds

Casebook@Leeds builds upon on the success of an early SDDU (Staff & Departmental Development Unit) website ‘Casebook’ which was retired in 2018 as part of large scale changes to University websites. Many of the contributions on the original Casebook had also become quite dated. All the original case study authors were contacted and invited to refresh their earlier contributions and publish on this new site.

There are a couple of significant changes in the new Casbook@Leeds site:

  1. The scope of the site has been extended and now includes the following areas of academic practice:
    1. Digital practice
    2. Learning and teaching
    3. Assessment and feedback
    4. Learning environments and student support
    5. Developing research practice
  2. The site has been designed to be accessible from mobile devices and the inclusion of multi-media in the case studies is encouraged.

Who can contribute to Casebook@Leeds?

We welcome contributions from all colleagues at The University of Leeds, including undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academic & teaching staff and professional & administrative staff and colleagues working in partnership with the University.

What do case studies look like?

Authors are invited to submit short case studies (500-750 words) using a set template and written to a common style. Contributors are encouraged to reflect on both the impacts of their work and the lessons they have learnt along the way. Authors are also invited to include further resources, useful links and to illustrate their narratives by embedding multi-media where appropriate.

Who produces and managers Casebook@Leeds?

Casebook@Leeds has been developed and is hosted by Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL).

Submitted case studies are published by the Casebook@Leeds Team after they have been read and ‘light touch’ reviewed.

Casebook@Leeds Team

Kate Exley leads on Casebook and the following people were part of the initial Casebook@Leeds team:

How can you get involved?

  1. Please consider sharing your work and submit a case study at any time: go to the Submission pages.
  2. Help us promote Casebook by sharing with your colleagues.

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